Bond Covenant

Bond Covenant can be defined as a legally agreement or a legal binding force that exists between the bond issuer and the bond holder. These are the legal bindings that are designed to protect the rights of both the parties … Continue reading

Accounting Control

Accounting control are the methods and practices that are implemented by an organization or a business entity to help in ensuring the validity and the authenticity of their own financial statements that are issued by the business. The accounting controls … Continue reading

Accumulation Bond

Accumulation bonds are the bonds where the interest keeps accumulating over the face value of the bond but it is not paid until the bond actually matures. If someone is using accumulation bonds they don’t need to pay coupon payments … Continue reading

Amortizable Bond Premium

Amortizable bond premium is an accounting terms that defines the tax related to the excessive premium that is paid by the business entity over the face value of a given bond. The tax traits of the bond depends upon its … Continue reading

Bond Power

Bond power is a legal and ethical document that is used to transfer the bond ownership from one party to the other. This document is used as an authority document that transferred the power of a registered bond from one … Continue reading

Bond Yield

Bond Yield can be defined as the amount of the return that an investor or a bond holder is going to enjoy on its bonds. There are a number of different types of bond yields depending upon the types of … Continue reading

Absolute Performance Standard

Absolute performance standard can be defined as the way to measure the performance of an organization or a business entity in its respective area of activity. Absolute performance standard is an indicator that indicates how well and how efficiently a … Continue reading

Absolute Interest

Absolute Interest can be defined as total and complete ownership of the entire asset or property or single asset or property of a business. The owner having absolute interest has the complete possession of property or a certain asset and … Continue reading

Above the Line Costs

The concept of above the line costs is associated with the production of the advertisement for a product or for the service of the business. These are the costs of the advertisements that are associated with the creative side of … Continue reading

Accounting Period

Accounting period can be defined as the time frame or time period in which the accounting and financial events of a business take place. For most of the companies the accounting period is a time span of one year or … Continue reading

Sales Mix Variance

The sales variance can be defined as the difference between the quantities of different types of products or product mix actually purchased by the business as compared to the quantity of product or service expected by the business to be … Continue reading

Sales Lead

Sales Lead can be defined as a lead of a new sale that means the occurrence of the prospective customer of a product or service of a given business that is created by word of mouth publicity, recommendation or some … Continue reading

Paid In Capital

Paid in Capital can be defined as the fund that is raised by the business through shareholder equity and not from the other business operations such as sales and services. Paid in capital is comprised of the amount or cash … Continue reading

Leverage Buyout

Leveraged Buyout is a process of acquisition in which the acquiring company uses a large amount of borrowed money in order to acquire the other company. The borrowed money is used to bear the cost of the acquisition and it … Continue reading

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